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Non Flammable Architectural Rope - Marine / Nautical Aged Look - Fire Tested & Certified

Twisted rope with vermiculite coating has the appearance of aged marine / nautical rope found aboard ship, docks and other marine settings.

Tested and certified to meet the requirements of ASTM E 162, ASTM E 662 and SMP 800-C for surface flammability, smoke and toxic gas generation.

Commonly used to wrap posts, accent railings or use as decorate accents on walls, draped over chests and marine ornaments, around frames, table edges, window and door frames, etc. to create or enhance a marine-look theme.

These ropes are made from fiberglass and therefore should not be used in any application for supporting weights overhead of people or for safety of people themselves; (glass fibers fracture with handling and the tensile strength is always decreasing in use by an unknown amount).  For personnel/people safety installations, such as fall barriers or restraints, such as a railing, etc., a vermiculite coated fiberglass sleeve should be used instead of this rope, with an appropriate engineered steel cable inserted as the core of the sleeve. (see sleeves here)

Fiberglass with Vermiculite coating Rope high temperature heat resistant round square twisted
architectural fire rated rope
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