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Firesleeve Accessories: End Cut Liquid Dip & Paste Sealant, Clamps & Tools,
End Wrap Tape

Protecting and sealing the cut ends of firesleeve from wicking liquids and contaminants

SleeveSealä and Seal-Dipä

SleeveSealä high temperature sealant paste is our special formulation of high-temperature silicone rubber, packaged into a convenient 3oz squeeze tube or 10.3oz caulking tube, for use on mechanical joints, and as a potting compound, anywhere a high-temperature adhesive/sealant is required.  2 grades: +260°C and +300°C continuous.

Seal-Dipä is a special formulation of our high-temperature silicone rubber which is a liquid until exposed to air, when it cures rapidly into a flexible protective covering of silicone rubber.  Perfect for protecting the ends of sleeve and tape from fraying, or from contamination, and from wicking liquids such as water, oil, hydraulic fluid, etc. Usually used as a dip for sleeve and rope.   Non corrosive and meets Mil-A-46146 as per NAVAIR 01-1A-20.

FlameShieldä End-Wrap Tape

This high temperature, heat and flame resistant silicone rubber end wrap tape is the perfect choice for sealing the ends of firesleeve, thereby preventing the firesleeve from wicking liquids such as water, oil or hydraulic fluid.  This silicone tape can also be used to help secure other types of fiberglass and silica tapes over wires, cables, hoses, tube and pipe..

End wrap tape is available in Type I (rectangular profile) and Type II (triangular profile).  Type II tape has a guideline colored stripe running down the centre as an aid to performing a standard 50% overlap when wrapping the tape around Sleeve, hoses and cables.  Type II in .020" thickness and color oxide-red is the most popular style of end-wrap tape.

End-wrap silicone rubber tape is self bonding to itself and other silicone rubber sleeve and tape, providing a waterproof/air tight end to the installation of firesleeve sleeve over hoses and cables.

This tape is available in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" & 2" widths (13, 16, 19, 25, 38, & 50 mm), with 36 feet / 12 yards / 36 feet / 10.9 metres of tape per roll. The tape is mounted on a backing film for easy unwinding.  Firesleeve End Wrap Tape is available meeting specification A-A-59163, MIL-I-46852 and MIL-I-22444.


Two styles of clamp are available to secure the ends of firesleeve to fittings; Free-end self locking style and Twice-around style.

SecurClampä Tools

The ends of clamps can be pulled to tighten the clamp with common tools, or the specially designed clamp tool can be used.

Firesleeve End Seal Paste Dip
Firesleeve End Wrap Tape
Stainless Steel Firesleeve Clamps
Firesleeve Clamp Tool
Firesleeve End Dip
Firesleeve Stainless Self Locking Clamp
Firesleeve End Seal Tape

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Firesleeve Accessories
Used to seal the ends of Firesleeve to prevent wicking of fluids or cantaminants.
$ 0.00
Silicone Rubber Self Fusing Tape
Self-bonding self-fusing silicone rubber tape. Meets A-A-59163 and MIL-I-22444 specifications.

Available in Type I (Rectangular) and Type II (Triangular) profile. Available in Black or Oxide-red color.
$ 0.00
Firesleeve Accessories
Free-end clamps used to secure firesleeve to the fitting.
$ 0.00
Firesleeve Accessories
Twice-around clamps used to secure firesleeve to the fitting.
$ 0.00
Firesleeve Accessories
Used to tighten both Free-end and Twice-around clamps.

The end of the clamp fits through the nose of the tool, and is then inserted into the winder barrel. Once tightened the cutting disk of the tool cuts the tail of the clamp.
$ 44.61
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