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Kevlar® Overbraided Fiberglass High Temperature Rope

320°F / 160°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

FlameShieldä high temperature and heat resistant Kevlar overbraided fiberglass rope is a strong rope for industrial use with a Kevlar overbraid to provide abrasion and cut resistance

Not suitable for pully and continuous flexing applications.  Should be protected from UV light.

Kevlar Overbraided Fiberglass High Strength Heat Resistant Rope
Part Number: R-K-M003-02-F, R-K-M005-03-F, R-K-M006-04-F, R-K-M008-05-F, R-K-M010-06-F, R-K-M011-07-F, R-K-M013-08-F, R-K-M016-10-F, R-K-M019-12-F, R-K-M022-14-F, R-K-M025-16-F; R-K-M003-02-S, R-K-M005-03-S, R-K-M006-04-S, R-K-M008-05-S, R-K-M010-06-S, R-K-M011-07-S, R-K-M013-08-S, R-K-M016-10-S, R-K-M019-12-S, R-K-M022-14-S, R-K-M025-16-S
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