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Silicone Rubber Coated Square Fiberglass Gasket Sealing Rope

500°F / 260°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

This is a high temperature square fiberglass rope, heat and flame resistant silicone rubber coated.  Designed to be used as a gasket or seal in environments that are exposed to the hazards of high heat and occasional flame or molten metal splash, slag, sparks and contamination.

This high-temperature rope is most often used as a seal where a high degree of air or gas or liquid tightness is required.

This square rope is fabricated from knitted type E fiberglass and is then coated with a high grade high-temperature silicone rubber.

Square Fiberglass Rope With Silicone Rubber Coating Gasket Seal
Part Numbers:
R-FG-SQ-SR-0.250-M006-R-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.312-M008-R-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.375-M010-R-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.500-M013-R-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.625-M016-R-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.750-M019-R-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.875-M022-R-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-1.000-M025-R-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-1.250-M032-R-100

R-FG-SQ-SR-0.250-M006-B-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.312-M008-B-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.375-M010-B-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.500-M013-B-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.625-M016-B-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.750-M019-B-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-0.875-M022-B-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-1.000-M025-B-100, R-FG-SQ-SR-1.250-M032-B-100
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