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Firesleeve Clamps & Tools

Securing firesleeve to hoses and cables


Two styles of clamp are available to secure the ends of firesleeve to fittings; Free-end self locking style and Twice-around style.

SecurClampä Tools

The ends of clamps can be pulled to tighten the clamp with common tools, or the specially designed clamp tool can be used.


Clamp Tools:

Stainless Steel Firesleeve Clamps
Firesleeve Clamp Tool
Firesleeve Stainless Self Locking Clamp
Firesleeve End Seal Tape

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Firesleeve Accessories
Free-end clamps used to secure firesleeve to the fitting.
$ 0.00
Firesleeve Accessories
Twice-around clamps used to secure firesleeve to the fitting.
$ 0.00
Firesleeve Accessories
Used to tighten both Free-end and Twice-around clamps.

The end of the clamp fits through the nose of the tool, and is then inserted into the winder barrel. Once tightened the cutting disk of the tool cuts the tail of the clamp.
$ 44.61
Part Numbers:

Free End Clamps:
C-SSSL-316-W181-L06, C-SSSL-316-W181-L08, C-SSSL-316-W181-L10, C-SSSL-316-W181-L14, C-SSSL-316-W181-L20, C-SSSL-316-W181-L27; C-SSSL-316-W311-L08, C-SSSL-316-W311-L11, C-SSSL-316-W311-L14, C-SSSL-316-W311-L20, C-SSSL-316-W311-L27

Twice Around Clamps:

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