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MIL-I-22444C MIL Spec Silicone Rubber Self Fusing Electrical Tape - Supported / Reinforced (Type I Only)

500°F / 260°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

FlameShieldä supported/reinforced rectangular profile tapes meeting Mil-I-22444C specification are used for a variety of critical electrical wiring and cable splicing and protection jobs.  Especially suited for aviation and marine environments, as well as outdoor weathering environments.

The embedded sinusoidal fiberglass layer provides limited stretch of the tape during installation, ensuring that a consistant minimum thickness is achieved during installation opposed to a variable thickness that occurs when manually adding tension to the tape during human applied scenarious.  Machine applied tape tends to be much more uniform in thickness due to the automated tensioning measurement feedback in the application machinery.

Supported/reinforced tape also prevents tape creep and fracturing when the tape is clamped with excessive force with either a connector backshell, or installation clamp on a hydraulic fitting.  The tape tends to remains in place and without layer fracturing compared to non supported/reinforced versions of the tape (MIL-I-46852 and A-A-59163 versions).

MIL-I-22444C tape has no adhesive, but sticks to itself (self-fuses or self-amalgamating) when stretched and wrapped onto itself.  The tapes starts curing within minutes, and after several hours cannot be unwound or removed without using a sharp knife or blade.  This tape makes a waterproof, weatherproof and air tight protection.

MIL-I-22444C tape is available in many colors, but clear, oxide-red and black are the most common.  The tape has a built-in fiberglass sinusoidal reinforcement limiting the amount of elongation (either a maximum of 15% or 25%).

Tapes meeting Mil-I-22444C provide superior electrical insulation with a minimum of 350 volts per mil (.001") of tape thickness at 365°F / 180°C. A 20mil tape therefore provides 7000 volts per wrap of insulation value.

This tape is also used to wrap hydraulic connections and to make vibration resistant bumpers and spacers for wiring, cable, hose, pipes and lines. This tape is used to wrap and hold insulation in place on hot air ducts. Makes an in-situ bushing for protecting wiring at the backshell clamp.
MIL-I-22444 silicone rubber electrical tape
MIL-I-22444 Electrical Tape Silicone Rubber

· RMS315  Type I
· Simmonds 151274 (black)
· IBM 6084744
· RL6000SA (25%)
· RL6000SB (15%)
· NSN  5970-01-325-8971 (25%)
· NSN  5970-00-841-1172 (15%)
· Equivalent to Part Number: 58609, 58607, 58613, 58611, 58615, 58617, 58621,
SB01015, SA01015, SB00520, SA00520, SB01020, SA01020,
  SB01050, SA01050

   5970-00-446-8928  Oxide-red, .5" width, .018"

Our Mil-I-22444C tapes meets the following OEM specifications:

· DMS-2186 Type I
· EMD/EMS 2074
· General Dynamics P5189 & 5-00857
· General Electric A50A493-C/D & A50E112
· GE A40493
· GE A50E112 (15%)
· AE 26495-001
· ASNA 5107
· Grumman GT353V

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Silicone Rubber Self Fusing Tape
Self-bonding self-fusing re-inforced limited stretch silicone rubber tape. Meets MIL-I-22444 specifications. 723

These tapes are all rectangular profile (Similar to a Type I in MIL-I-46852 specification). Most tapes are available in Black or Oxide-red color.
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Silicone Rubber Self Fusing Tape
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