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firesleeve as1072 industrial aviation
  • Heat, Fire, Flame, Molten Metal, Spark Protection Products
  • High Temperature Adhesives & Sealants
  • Engine Exhaust System Removable Blankets
  • Rubber & Metal Hose and Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
  • Polymer Coatings and Saturants
  • Aerospace Connectors & Wiring Harnesses Assembly
  • Wiring Bundling & Organisation Products
  • Thermal Gaskets & Seals
  • Silicone Rubber Extrusion and Molding
  • Rubber & Plastic Tubing Extrusion
Sleeve - Tape - Rope - Fabric - Sheet - Insulation - Spiral Wrap - Tubing - Hose

AB Technology Group is an ISO certified leader in the manufacture, conversion and distribution of thermal, abrasion & EMI/RFI protection materials and products for use on hoses, wiring, cables, pipes, tubing and equipment.  Our ABTHERMAL line of products includes sleeves, tapes, tadpole tapes, ropes, fabrics, insulation, custom fabricated components, adhesives and sealants.  A number of our flagship products are universally standard in many industries including aviation, metal processing, glass making, robotics, welding and aerospace.  FlameShield SAE AS1072 Firesleeve is commonly used to protect against heat, fire, molten metal, welding spatter and sparks in the harshest of environments.  FlameShieldsilicone self-fusing tape meeting MIL-I-46852, AA-59163 and MIL-I-22444 specifications is universally used for electrical wiring and backshell clamp applications across all industry sectors and especially aerospace.

Our products provide protection against heat, flame and fire, and are used for applications in liquid metal processing such as steel and aluminum mills, foundaries, welding and cutting fabrication shops, kiln and oven door sealing applications, consumer ovens and aircraft flexible fuel, oil and hydraulic lines.  Other products are used to minimize heat loss and provide freeze protection on commercial hoses and industrial process lines and pipes.  Engine blanket systems for generators and heavy commercial vehicles.  Heat reflecting sleeves, tapes and fabrics for the automotive performance market, process & industrial control markets, and wire harness fabrication markets.

A wide range of materials are incorporated into thermal protection systems such as Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Nomex®, PTFE, Silica, Ceramic, Alumina and specialty coatings of silicone rubber, vermiculite, aluminum, Viton®, and Acrylic.

You can order products directly or through your preferred industrial or electrical distributor; we accept credit cards over the phone, by fax or email for urgent orders - and we are happy to complete your vendor setup and QA forms.  Cage code L8347.

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